Aligners vs Fixed Braces – The Smarter Choice

If you think getting a Hollywood smile is out of your league, you are probably wrong. It is, however, more accessible than ever, thanks to invisible aligners and braces. But do you need one? Or how to choose between one or the other if you finally plan to jump on the bandwagon?

Let’s dive deep into the science of braces and aligners

Why You Need Orthodontic Treatment 

While there can be a majority of reasons one might be looking for orthodontic treatment, the most basic one is to improve the alignment of their teeth. Other benefits include good oral hygiene, improvement of tooth function and the appearance of the smile. An orthodontic treatment paves the way for a beautiful smile for some of the most challenging cases. The power of orthodontic treatment is often underestimated. However, with the development of new techniques and treatment approaches, it sure has gained a lot of traction in recent years.

The Two Types of Treatments 

The two types of orthodontic treatment include conventional braces and aligners. While it might be challenging to choose one or the other since both can hinder the daily functions of life, the quest of finding your perfect treatment option isn’t harrowing if you know what you want.

Why Should You Choose Braces?

The conventional treatment approach – the fixed braces is an excellent treatment option for most cases. They tend to correct even the most severe orthodontic problems in a most predictable way. Conventional braces have come a long way, and now you can find all kinds of materials and styles in the market. They can be made of stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic or can be made into a tooth colour to limit the visibility of the teeth.

Conventional braces offer the maximum customization towards a treatment option catered to individual needs. While they take more time to adapt, the amount of patient compliance required for fixed braces is minimal since the dentist is doing the majority of work on the chairside.

Adapting the diet is also another case with the fixed braces since they tend to capture food particles and make it hard to clean the food particles around them.

Why Should You Choose Aligners?

Aligners are plastic plates which can be worn and adjusted by the patients themselves. They offer an excellent solution for those who cannot spend time at the dentist’s office. Aligners allow correction for simple movements and mild crowding. On the other hand, they offer a more comfortable solution and take less time to adjust.

The major drawback with aligners is compliance and willpower. If the patient is not diligent in the wear time of the plates, they will not produce the desired results. This can lead to a prolonged treatment period and the need for additional aligners over time.

The results with aligners are compromised in most cases that express severe overcrowding, and it is generally difficult to predict the exact outcome of the treatment option. Hence, making it difficult for patients with extensive orthodontic problems.

In summary, both options for your needs can come in handy for you only after the consultation with your dentist. Make sure to get a full assessment done before making up the decision so you can achieve the desired outcome safely and predictably.


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