ACAP’s Virtual Dental Home and Head Start Oral Services

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) – Finding a dental home for your child can be difficult. In this week’s Aroostook Community Matters, News Source 8′s Isaac Potter speaks with ACAP on ways they are bringing the dental home to the child.

ACAP’s new Virtual Dental Home and Head Start Oral Services is something they have started to implement this year. Thanks to a funding partnership with Children’s Oral Health, the project is allowing ACAP and Saint Apollonia dental clinic to collaborate and bring the dental home right to the children at the Head start.

Lucy Morin, Dental Hygienist at ACAP

“So what is going to happen is me as the dental hygienist, I will go in, I will set up all of my equipment. For those children who have signed up for virtual dental home, I will do an oral screening, I will clean their teeth, I will do x-rays, we will do intra oral and extra oral photographs, and I will also document everything into their charts. So what happens is then the dentist at Saint Apollonia will then log into the system, and they will be able to see the child’s chart. They will be able to see the X-rays, my clinical notes, and the photos. And from that they will be able to make a diagnosis.”

Morin adds that if the child has any decay or any need for treatment, Saint Apollonia will book them and they can get treatment there. She says this program is a big need in the County.

Lucy Morin: “Especially with COVID, I just see the dental carry rates have skyrocketed into the schools. I just think that with kids being off their schedules with the two years that we were shut down. Dentists being themselves locked down for a period of time, and they themselves are booking some times nine months in advance is just really difficult to get in and get treatments.

Morin hopes this program will help families in need.

Lucy Morin: “So I think a lot of times there are barriers such as some people in the County that may not have transportation to get their children to the dentist. We see that a lot, and also there are parents who need to take time off of work to bring their children to appointments. So we are going over those barriers and try to meet the parents where they are with their children being at the Head Start.

For anyone interested in or wants to know more about this program, you can call Morin at ACAP at 207-764-0733 x 220, or give Saint Apollonia a call as well. Isaac Potter News Source 8.


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