5 things to know on CTVNews.ca for Friday, November 18, 2022: Dental care, long-term care home, Canada-China

A national dental-care benefit is now officially law, signs of violence and neglect at a pair of Montreal long-term care homes has been revealed, and a Canadian says her father may be in Chinese custody for speaking out. Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

1. Dental-care benefit: Canada will soon have its first form of national dental care coverage, now that legislation implementing a benefit program for children under the age of 12, has passed. Find out who’s eligible for the new benefit.

2. Damning report: A government-commissioned report into the conditions at two privately owned long-term care homes in Montreal has revealed widespread mistreatment of residents at both facilities.

3. ‘I fear the worst’: The daughter of a missing Chinese human rights defender is pleading with the Vietnamese and Chinese governments to reveal her father’s whereabouts and allow him to travel to Canada.

4. NATO action: An armoured-gunnery competition involving troops from 13 NATO countries — including Canada — is taking place at a base in Latvia, about 200 kilometres from the Russian border.

5. Ultimatum rejected: With another employee exodus apparently underway at Twitter, workers remaining at the company received an email alerting them that the company’s offices will be temporarily closed over the weekend.

One more thing…

Inflation: Here’s how Canada’s inflation compares with other G20 nations.

Most G20 economies are facing high inflation


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