5 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry

The latest advances in dentistry now offer pain-free dental treatments, relaxation techniques as well as the best way to go through a dental treatment AKA sedation. Sedation dentistry relies on administering a sedative to keep the patient relaxed. The patient can thus relax in the dentist’s chair, making the entire procedure less cumbersome. It is a great option for anyone who might have dental phobia, crippling dental anxiety or someone who would simply like to skip through the discomfort caused by dental treatments.

Before the procedure, an experienced dentist will discuss the procedure and answer any questions and concerns you might have regarding the process. The three options of getting sedation can be IV sedation, oral sedation, or laughing gas (nitrous oxide). 

If you have been putting off your dental appointment for a little too long. Here are some of the reasons why you must consider the sedation technique for your next visit. 

1. Reduced Gag Reflex

The gag reflex is one of the most common issues both the doctor and the patient have to deal with during dental treatment. Moreover, the entire situation becomes uncomfortable for the patient resulting in difficulty while administrating dental treatment. The enhanced gag reflex can cause sudden movements during dental treatments which can cause great damage. The mild sedative can greatly reduce the patient’s gag reflex while paralyzing muscles temporarily making dental cleanings or procedures a much more comfortable experience.

2. Relieves Pain & Discomfort 

Anaesthesia is a prerequisite for many dental treatments. However, needle phobia makes it extremely challenging for dentists to administer local anaesthesia. With sedation, the brain cannot register any pain or discomfort. Moreover, the patient is also relaxed making it difficult for them to face any distress caused by needles. This is one of the reasons why sedation dentistry is considered effortless.

3. Maximum Benefits In Less Time 

Sedative dentistry offers the advantage of a prolonged duration of an appointment. If a patient has multiple problems rather than fixing them in different appointments, many issues can be resolved in one. From extractions to root canals, fillings and implants, many treatments can be completed in a single sitting.

4. No Side Effects 

For most patients, the dentist’s careful and comfortable techniques are enough to reassure patients and relieve any anxiety. For those patients who need a little more help, however, sedation dentistry is a great option that has no lasting side effects, so your every trip to the dentist can be as stress-free as possible.


5. You Don’t Worry About The Treatments 

The best part about having sedation during dental treatments is that the patient does not care much about what’s going on. Depending on the type of sedative or medication that is used, the patient often feels light-hearted or sleepy. Amnesia is another benefit offered with certain sleep dentistry medications, making patients forget everything altogether.

If you have been delaying your long-awaited dental appointment due to the fear of the dentist or the tools, discuss the sedative options with your dentist right away. 


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