4 Foods That Can Whiten Teeth Naturally 

Teeth staining is a natural phenomenon, and as much as we like shiny white teeth – staining and discolouration are inevitable. Maintaining good oral hygiene as well as timely visits to the dentist are key to whiter teeth.

Many in-house dental treatments and at-home use kits are available to whiten the teeth. However, they come at the expense of side effects which includes sensitivity. Moreover, these treatments are time-consuming as well as expensive. 

While we like home remedies, did you know that certain food items can also result in teeth whitening while promoting shine and lustre?

If you would like to whiten your teeth at home, here are four food items which can help naturally whiten your teeth. 

1. Strawberries

While acid can promote caries, the right amount of acid provided by food items can also promote teeth whitening. The citrusy fruit contains malic acid, which is said to have bleaching properties. The malic acid works as a natural astringent, which results in the removal of superficial staining of the teeth. If you are looking for an immediate whitening effect, try rubbing some strawberries on your brushed teeth and leave them in for a few minutes before ingesting them. 

2. Dairy Items 

Dairy items, including cheese and yoghurt, contains lactic acid. The lactic acid doesn’t only prevent caries by washing off the bacteria but also helps with teeth whitening. Dairy products also contain casein – an ingredient which fights off stains. According to research, casein binds to polyphenols which prevent the tannins from sticking to the teeth resulting in minimal to no staining. 

Erosion of enamel is another crucial cause of tooth discolouration. The eroded enamel surface exposes the underlying dentine, giving off a yellow hue to the tooth. Dairy items, especially cheese, contain calcium which plays an essential part in strengthening the surface of the enamel.

3. Baking Soda 

Baking soda has been a trendy ingredient for teeth and skin among DIY lovers. Its whitening properties amount to the massive alkalinity and abrasiveness the powder has to offer. Baking soda is an excellent alternative to cleaning your teeth as it removes the plaque buildup while eliminating tooth discolouration. Mixing baking soda with an eater to create a DIY paste might help remove superficial stains over time.

4. Greens

If you don’t love your greens just yet, we are giving you another reason to add them to your diet. Celery and leafy vegetables help with increased saliva production. The saliva works as a self-cleaning agent and helps wash off the plaque from the enamel surface. These vegetables are a good source of nutrients providing strength to the teeth. The frictional movement also aids in the removal of plaque, gently scrubbing off the enamel surface. 

Adding these food items to your diet ensures not only healthy white teeth but also provides medical benefits for the body while strengthening it from within. So, make sure to add these to your diet to get naturally white teeth without spending extra resources on your teeth. 


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