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Formlabs Form 3+

Formlabs Form 3+

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Dental Resin

7 Dental 3D Printers

RED CREEK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Accuracy, reliability, maintenance, return on investment (ROI), the total cost of ownership, quality of materials, and lowest pricing are some of the parameters we consider for what makes the best 3D printer for dental supplies. Let’s get straight into it.

1. SprintRay

All of SprintRay’s 3D printers are for dentistry. SprintRay’s most recent device, the Sprintray Pro S, was unveiled in January 2022. They claim that the printer performs all of the functions of its predecessors but more quickly and effectively. Improvements, including consumables management, dual heating, and 10% better print accuracy, are included with the Pro S.

There are two available configurations for sale; the Pro 95 S and Pro 55 S models, with 95 and 55 standing for their respective micron resolutions in XY. Each printer is available in the company of a dental resin bundle for $ 8,995 on their website.

Your experience can be plug-and-play thanks to the company’s cloud-based design and treatment management software, which can direct you from the planning stage all the way through to the post-processing.

According to the manufacturer, dental professionals can design and 3D print surgical guidance in under 30 minutes, promptly reacting to patient demands, using SprintRay Pro and third-party CAD/CAM treatment planning software.

2. Desktop Health

Dental labs can get the whole package from Desktop Health, including a variety of desktop, full-production, and high-speed continuous 3D printers. Desktop Health printers can manufacture a variety of dental equipment as it is paired with a large materials library, including various FDA- and CE-approved biocompatible materials, such as their new Flexera line.

There is a solid reason why the new Einstein (as labeled by Desktop Health) family of printers from Desktop Health resembles the Envision One DLP and Perfactory printers from EnvisionTEC. In 2021, Desktop Metal acquired EnvisionTEC. Do not think that they are only rebranded and repackaged. According to Desktop Health, they have new hardware inside and a closed-loop software update that makes them faster and more precise.

While the 385-nanometer projector and EnvisionTec’s prior R&D are certainly leveraged in the core technology, the Einstein series also includes new advancements, such as what Desktop Health terms HyperPrint technology. However, they have not yet provided any further information.

3. Rapid Shape

Rapid Shape provides both large-production printers for dental labs and a variety of desktop printers for dental labs. According to the manufacturer, the D10+ and D20+ office printers allow on-site 3D printing without requiring specialized skills.

The D20+ comes with a mess-free resin cartridge and reservoir but can be modified to an open material system. The D3, D40, D70, D90, and D100, which are larger and more feature-rich, give dental labs increased automation and speed.

Along with its own patented materials, Rapid-shape also offers a variety of biocompatible resins through partnerships with well-known material producers like Dreve and Keystone Industries.

4. Asiga

Asiga 3D printers offer repeatable accuracy for production continuity and patient safety in various applications, including restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and prosthetic devices.

For optimum flexibility and efficiency, Asiga’s open material system supports over 350 materials from the top material manufacturers in the world.

Asiga PRO2 is compatible with numerous computer operating systems and 3D model file formats, such as exo-print from exo-cad and 3-Shape Implant Studio. The integrated PC offers a variety of user-friendly features, a lifetime of free software updates, and the ability to handle many builds at once.

5. Formlabs

Formlabs quietly changed its Form 3 and Form 3B (suited for dental and healthcare applications) with the new Form 3+ and Form 3B+ earlier this year by adding a + to the end of their previous model names.

Both printers are equipped with Formlabs’ proprietary low-force stereolithography (LFS) technology, which produces fine-detailed parts at a 100-micron resolution.

Faster printing on Form 3+ is also a result of two other improvements. One is the company’s “expansion” of Adaptive Layer Thickness. This feature examines the geometry of parts and assigns layer heights across the sliced model, utilizing thicker layers to enhance print speeds in some sections of the print while using smaller layers to maintain fine details in other areas. This feature can now be used with all Formlabs resins.

The second speed-improving upgrade is hardware and a manufacturing method allowing closer alignment between the build platform and the light processing unit (LPU). As a result, the printer may print early layers with less laser exposure, reducing print times in the first few layers by five to fifteen minutes.

6. Zortrax

The manufacturer markets the Zortrax Inkspire resin printer as a plus-and-play machine with an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to use even for those without prior 3D printing knowledge. Castable resins are available for creating investment patterns for casting dental alloys. Direct 3D printing of appliances, such as dental crowns, bridges, and surgical guides, is possible using Zortrax’s own biocompatible resins or a variety of complementary third-party materials.

Zortrax’s proprietary software, Z-SUITE, which is a specialized slicing and 3D-printing farm (multi-printer) management software, is included with each printer in addition to the hardware. Popular dental CAD/CAM software programs like inLab CAD SW 18 and ZFx Dental CAD Design Software are compatible with Z-SUITE. Third-party slicers can also be used with Zortrax Inkspire.

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