27th Annual Doctors with a Heart: Free Dental Day | WIVT

ENDWELL, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – With inflation and our economy behaving the way it is, basic needs such as food and health care are that much harder to provide.

That is why this Saturday, September 17th is Progressive Dental’s annual Doctor’s with a heart event, to provide free dental care to the community.

This is Progressive Dental’s 27th year of hosting a free day of care.
Anyone is invited however, it is first come first serve.

Doctor Sonny Spera says that when customers show up on Saturday, they will receive a number at the door, and that relates to the order in which they will be called.

Spera says that the doors will open at 8 a.m. and close at noon, but there will most likely be a line, so if you can, try to show up early.

Doctor Sonny Spera says, “It’s our chance to give back to the people in our communities that maybe don’t have the money, maybe they don’t have the access, or the ability to get there, so it gives us a chance to do what we can do. Like I can’t build a house, but I can fix your teeth.”

Spera says that the dentists will briefly screen each person and determine what treatment will be best for them.

He says that treatment is usually limited to whatever procedures can be done in a single visit; such as a teeth cleaning, x-rays, exam, fillings, and extractions.

Progressive Dental is offering this free day of dental care at 101 South Broad Street in Norwich, and in Endwell at 565 Hooper Road.


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