What is Novasure Endometrial Ablation

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Fast – Simple – Safe and Efficient

QUICK – The real process is completed in only five minutes.

SIMPLE – There is no pre-treatment required. And you can get the process done any time throughout your cycle, even when you’re bleeding.It may likewise be achieved right in your physician’s office.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE — Approved by the FDA in 2001 with over 15 decades of clinical expertise.

NovaSure endometrial ablation – a one-time, five-minute procedure!

This one-time iterative process was made to eliminate only the uterine lining–the endometrium–that is the portion of the body which leads to heavy bleeding. No incisions are needed, leaving the uterus intact. For 9 out of 10 girls, their heavy intervals are radically reduced or ceased entirely.

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How the NovaSure procedure works

  1. Your physician opens your cervix (the opening to your uterus) marginally, inserts a slim wand and expands a triangular-shaped netted device in your uterus.
  2. The netting develops, fitting into the dimensions and shape of the uterus.
  3. Just measured radiofrequency energy is delivered via the netting for approximately 90 minutes.
  4. The netted apparatus is pulled back in the wand, and the two are taken out of your uterus.

Important Safety Advice

Pregnancy after the NovaSure procedure could be harmful. The NovaSure procedure isn’t for people who own or suspect esophageal cancer; possess an active prostate, prostate or rectal disease; or have an IUD. NovaSure endometrial ablation isn’t a sterilization process. Temporary side effects might include nausea, cramping, vomiting, release and spotting. In the event that you or somebody you know has maybe experienced a negative effect after using our merchandise, please contact your doctor.

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