Excess Skin Surgery After Weight Loss

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A few months ago I watched a beautiful lady inside her mid-fifties who had been going to undergo a gastric bypass. A lot of her weight has been carried around her midst, therefore called “visceral fat” that is the fat which considerably raises the chance of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

After going through the vital questions concerning the process, Jane subsequently asked me concerning the surplus skin which could be left following weight loss. Especially she wished to understand whether there could be so much skin that she would need additional surgery to fix it. It is a frequent question but the answer isn’t straightforward.

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Patients (particularly girls) complain that they’re losing weight from all of the wrong places but that is something that is quite unpredictable. In addition to hereditary factors, the likelihood of getting lax skin is dependent on three points; in which the fat is deposited to start with, your beginning weight along with your age. Obviously if you’re extremely heavy and carry fat mainly around the center you’re more likely to want corrective cosmetic surgery after slimming down. Concerning age, it’s quite obvious that the younger you are the more natural elasticity you’ll have on your skin and the more probable it is you may remodel following weight reduction. I’ve seen some quite heavy younger girls (in their twenties) shed a lot of fat and have practically no lax skin in any way, though this really is exceptional.

If you’re contemplating cosmetic surgery after weight reduction, there are two major things to keep in mind. Firstly, you should have steady weight for at least 6-12 months. When you’ve got it completed any sooner, you might well lose excess weight following the cosmetic correction, which might produce a recurrence of this lax tissue that you’re so anxious to eliminate.

Second you should have the correction done by a physician with a great deal of expertise in obesity cosmetic operation. The operation can be protracted and complicated, and therefore don’t be enticed by cheap cost deals overseas. I recently had a patient who’ve lost a fantastic deal following gastric bypass was considering visiting India for cosmetic surgery. He appeared attracted to the notion mainly because he’d “be treated as a VIP” for 2 weeks. I believe he took the stage, but likely led into the airport anyway!

I’m always amazed at the risks individuals are ready to take with something as severe as operation, performed in states in which the regulatory conditions are minimum and by surgeons that they understand nothing about. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery for surplus skin, speak to us first because we can place you in contact with great folks, and possess the holiday afterwards!

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